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ms meghann, ms meghann!: good dogs, social anxiety & science!

March 29, 2011

monday, march 28: someone get him on the phone, then

e. = 6 y.o. female; me = me

e.’s mother is officially late to pick her up. in these circumstances, we generally have children call their home contact numbers until an adult can be reached.

me: “it’s past six….have you called your grownup?

e.: “my dog is a grownup.”

good dog, legal guardian

this would explain a lot, actually.

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ms meghann, ms meghann!: the patriarchy hurts fourth-graders, too

August 28, 2010

monday, august 2: the patriarchy hurts fourth-graders, too

s. = 9 y.o. male; j. = 9 y.o. male

s.: (to j.) “you should ask her out! that’s called being a man!

but, um, no pressure, kid.

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Gay marriage is going to happen, and here’s how I know

August 7, 2010
No H8!

Giant animate statue makey-outy time is all you need.

The recent Proposition 8 ruling is headed for the Supreme Court, and there’s no guarantee it’ll stand up there. But having read it, I’m not worried, and I’ll tell you why.

Some of Judge Vaughn Walker’s more scathing passages in the eminently quotable ruling (seriously, this thing is like a golden-era Simpsons episode) have become immediate media favorites, particularly the ones shredding William Blankenhorn and Hak-Shing William Tang’s qualifications as credible pro-Prop 8 witnesses and his stunning, unequivocal conclusion on Prop 8’s constitutionality:

ms meghann, ms meghann!: ow, my giant feelings

July 13, 2010

tuesday, july 13: ow, my giant feelings

j.=7 y.o. female; m.=7 y.o. male; me=me

me: (sitting on steps in pool, in bathing suit)

j.: (pointing vaguely in the area of my left thigh, giant eyes) “wow! that’s big!”

me: “what’s big, j.?”

j.: (maniacal giggle)

me: “WHAT’S big, j.”?

m.: (poking me repeatedly in the right thigh) “that! THAT’S big!”

see, kids? this is why we don’t touch people without their permission. it’s all fun and games until someone’s spirit is crushed by first-graders.

ms meghann, ms meghann!: things get philosophical on my ass

July 12, 2010

friday, july 9: things get philosophical on my ass

m.=7 y.o. male; me=me

me: “did you lie to j.?”

m.: “no!”

me: “did you tell her there was a wasp behind her when there wasn’t?”

m.: “yes.”

me: “then you lied to her, and you will have a consequence.”

m.: “i didn’t!”

me: “when you tell someone something you know isn’t true, that’s lying, and it’s not okay.”

m.: (sullen) “ms meghann, you just don’t know the difference between ‘lying’ and ‘tricking’.”

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mysterious myspelling

July 10, 2010

While at the drug store searching aimlessly for sunscreen, I came upon this


display. What, exactly, does LifeStyles have against the letter “I”?

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thanks, internet, for a lifetime of nightmares

June 18, 2010

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