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ms meghann, ms meghann!: good dogs, social anxiety & science!

March 29, 2011

monday, march 28: someone get him on the phone, then

e. = 6 y.o. female; me = me

e.’s mother is officially late to pick her up. in these circumstances, we generally have children call their home contact numbers until an adult can be reached.

me: “it’s past six….have you called your grownup?

e.: “my dog is a grownup.”

good dog, legal guardian

this would explain a lot, actually.

tuesday, february 22: why did that come into your brain?

j. = 6 y.o. male

urgently, and literally without preamble

j.: “i think i know what human meat looks like — it’s pink, like sausage.”


wedesday, february 16: presented without comment

m. = 6 y.o. female

m.:i  never sing in public because it makes me shy up and then i freeze and then i pee a little.”




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