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ms meghann, ms meghann!: the patriarchy hurts fourth-graders, too

August 28, 2010

monday, august 2: the patriarchy hurts fourth-graders, too

s. = 9 y.o. male; j. = 9 y.o. male

s.: (to j.) “you should ask her out! that’s called being a man!

but, um, no pressure, kid.

monday, august 2: ha ha, my kids are brown-nosers

l. = 6 y.o. girl ; a. = 6 y.o. girl

l.: “knock knock!”

a.: “who’s there?”

l.: “ms meghann!”

a.: “ms meghann who?”

l.: (long pause) “…she’s nice!”

a. &  l.: (altogether too much giggling for a joke that lame)

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