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ms meghann, ms meghann!: ow, my giant feelings

July 13, 2010

tuesday, july 13: ow, my giant feelings

j.=7 y.o. female; m.=7 y.o. male; me=me

me: (sitting on steps in pool, in bathing suit)

j.: (pointing vaguely in the area of my left thigh, giant eyes) “wow! that’s big!”

me: “what’s big, j.?”

j.: (maniacal giggle)

me: “WHAT’S big, j.”?

m.: (poking me repeatedly in the right thigh) “that! THAT’S big!”

see, kids? this is why we don’t touch people without their permission. it’s all fun and games until someone’s spirit is crushed by first-graders.

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