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ms meghann, ms meghann!: things get philosophical on my ass

July 12, 2010

friday, july 9: things get philosophical on my ass

m.=7 y.o. male; me=me

me: “did you lie to j.?”

m.: “no!”

me: “did you tell her there was a wasp behind her when there wasn’t?”

m.: “yes.”

me: “then you lied to her, and you will have a consequence.”

m.: “i didn’t!”

me: “when you tell someone something you know isn’t true, that’s lying, and it’s not okay.”

m.: (sullen) “ms meghann, you just don’t know the difference between ‘lying’ and ‘tricking’.”

Friday, July 9: this is seriously the weirdest effing day

k.=6 y.o. female; me=me

k.: “ms meghann, ms meghann!* this one time, my friend was giving me a massage! she was walking on my back, because i said she could!”

me: (prepares pumped face)

k.: (enormous grin) “and then she walked on my back too hard and i puked!”

*seriously, they say this. ALL DAY.

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