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mysterious myspelling

July 10, 2010

While at the drug store searching aimlessly for sunscreen, I came upon this


display. What, exactly, does LifeStyles have against the letter “I”?

I understand an avoidance of the more precisely correct lower-case “i”–short and seemingly expelling something from its tip, “i” is rife with troubling symbolism.

But what of the the long, strong, upper-case “I”? It would fit in with the dynamic all-caps format Lifestyles (LYFESTYLES?) seems to favor, and, in many fonts, is easily the English alphabet’s most phallic letter.

Perhaps it’s not about problems with the letter “I” at all. Perhaps it’s about the inherent sexiness of the letter “Y”. The inherent…creepy, cloven sexiness of the letter “Y”.

Yeah, I’m confused.

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