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amazon knows what men want

June 2, 2010

According to Amazon’s omniscient capitalism robots, (male) people who bought this sweet-ass SUPER GRILL (panini press + grill + griddle + WAFFLE IRON) also bought…

The Prostate Cradle Revolutionary External Prostate Massager. The Prostate Cradle is:

  1. NOT AT ALL GAY: “A myth that prostate massage needs to be invasive is shattered by thousands of satisfied Cradle customers! The Cradle is a compliment and a new alternative to traditional invasive prostate massage. It is a safe and easy device for external prostate massage. Traditional prostate massage involves rectum insertion. But the Cradle is revolutionary – just sit on it!…The Cradle gives you all the benefits of a full prostate massage or ‘prostate milking’ with no invasive massage!”
  2. Something you can totally use at work: “But the Cradle is revolutionary – just sit on it! No movement or vibration is required. The Cradle’s anatomically correct design reaches underneath the pelvic arch to massage the prostate and perineum areas. The Cradle is discreet, no one can tell when you are sitting on it, and it even works over clothing!”

Super Grill and Prostate Cradle: Partners in Manly Versatility.

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  1. June 17, 2010 4:41 am

    Ha! Wow, that is amazing. However, you shouldn’t completely disregard Amazon’s recommendations here, that micro-plane grater to the right of the prostate massager is top notch! Especially for grating Parmesan cheese and zesting lemons. Just sayin….

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