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mysterious marketing technique

May 31, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for underage alcoholism

From four to seven pm, seven days a week, you can get $5 sake bombs at Crave on the Drag in Austin. So, apparently, can schoolchildren.

In these TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES, it’s perhaps not surprising that Crave would want to reach out to a heretofore untapped happy hour demographic. And, indeed, this menu insert casts a wide net: boys and girls, whitish children and brownish children, children with spiral-shaped hair and children with hair that sticks straight up out of their heads. In fact, the only thing these youthful consumers have in common is a shared enthusiasm for novelty drinks. That, and the inability to legally consume them for well over a decade.

But why start the young ‘uns on the comparatively bitter beer + sake combo? Sure, there’s the sweet “dropping things into other things” action, but these are palettes that have been molded by fruit-snack-and-pop-tart breakfast sandwiches (or is that just my palette? fine, what does Justin Bieber like?). Surely it’s wiser to start with something a little more familiar and child-friendly, like jello shots or an Alcoholic Jolly Rancher? And what kindergartener doesn’t love chocolate cake?

Mystery + Underage Alcoholism + Who’s Thirsty?

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