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someone else’s ramshackle array: regretsy

April 27, 2010

this little fellow's untimely demise was apparently coat and tie optional. at least he was comfy?

Regretsy, if it didn’t already have an awesomely pun-tastic name, could totally be called Ramshackle Array. This particular gem is literally ramshackle–it’s in dire need of both some tail glue (staples? stitches?) and an English-fluent copyeditor (and yes, I am applying for the job). What’s more amateur than amateur? AMATURER: someone who charges almost two hundred dollars for disintegrating vermin. For serious, I could have made a whole taxidermized rat suit for the cost of a travel sewing kit when I lived in New York. CRAP. I clearly missed out on a GOLDMINE of rat-related apparel and home furnishings. I wonder what I can make out of the rat-sized cockroaches I’ve got in Texas?

(PS: The answer is “coasters”.)

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  1. SGD permalink
    April 27, 2010 7:15 pm

    hey, that’s $185 for an amateur piece. with your skill and expertise, you could make twice that, easy.

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