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someone else’s ramshackle array: hyperbole and a half

April 12, 2010

Allie Brosh, creator of Hyperbole and a Half, is my new favorite.

And not just because she draws awesome Crazy Eyes:

Or because her animals are so exuberant and her inanimate objects so fierce:

Or even because she clearly understands, on a deeply personal level, my struggle with Snacks:

No. Allie Brosh is my new favorite because, friends, her life is MAD RAMSHACKLE.

I like to periodically (well, routinely) freak out about the Ramshackle Nature of My Life: I have two and a half jobs that don’t come close to covering my expenses–meaning my grad student boyfriend (/fiance/whatever) supports me–I obviously have no health insurance; I can’t get my six-year-old students to stop biting each other (seriously, they look more like that rabid crusading yogurt cup every day). I wanted to go to grad school, but then that didn’t happen (admittedly it would have been my second go-round), so now I have to think up something I like as much as reading smart books and pretending to write smart papers about them. And then get somebody to pay me to do it. Except everything else is stupid and/or puts me a constant risk of attack by people who weren’t alive during the first GWB term. And again, no insurance = no rabies shot.

HOWEVER: I have heat. Ms. Brosh, it seems, does not. And she lives in MONTANA. Apparently, she gets around this by hanging blankets over all her doors and windows. (I do not even have this many blankets. Because I don’t need them. Because I live in Texas.) As she writes it, up until the recent wholly-deserved success of her blog, she had no “job,” routinely struggles with the steps necessary to deposit a check at the bank, and is regularly baffled by her apartment’s tendency to become covered in dishes. I LOVE THIS.

I do not love this because it makes me feel better about myself. I understand that 1) other people’s ramshackality (or something) has no effect, for better or worse, on my own, and 2) some details of a private citizen’s humor blog MAY have been exaggerated for comical effect. I love this because it makes me feel less alone about myself. Just as I love songs and books and movies about people cruising through life only semi-competantly: because they allow me to say, “look! an externalization of my own confusion and aimlessness! other people think my thoughts! I MUST CLUTCH IT TO MY BOSOM.” I love this because it manages to be thisclose to pathetic while simultaneously being super smart and sweet and hilarious. Which is a tightrope I fall off daily. Usually while cursing.

Allie Brosh, I would clutch you to my bosom. Is that weird?

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  1. April 19, 2010 1:28 pm

    Um, so her post and pictures about her house inexplicably filling with dishes and filth is almost a perfect description of me and Tucker (except Tucker will embark on a maniacal cooking project that will use every single pot and utensil we own and cover every inch of our kitchen in flour)… and I also keep hoping that one day we will morph into responsible adults, but I’m starting to think that is never going to happen. oh well.

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