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wow, hybrids really are green. (see what i did there?)

July 15, 2009

mrteenwordpower and I are in the process of buying a car, and have been renting ZipCars in the models we like for some test-drive cruising about. Yesterday we tried a Prius (with a punningly pea-green paint job) and discovered it had come with a delightful suprise.

glove compartment

the two glove compartments aren't the surprise, though they are cool.



That is, indeed, a cucumber in the glove compartment. Why would someone choose this spot for one lone cucumber, which, when separated from its brothers in their grocery bag or picnic basket, was bound to be forgotten? Was it being hidden from ravenous on-the-go snackers? Punished for the non-crime of being so refreshing and crunchy? Or perhaps just a gift from the previous eco-friendly drivers for our choice to go green?

Mystery + Eco-Trendy Surprise Snacktimes.

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