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mysterious capitalism

June 25, 2009

Where are the whirls?

Where are the whirls?

Commodities (under which my company may be registered as selling in Virginia):

  • Barge Maintenance and Repair
  • Bra Clasps, Replacement
  • Zoo Animals
  • Creepers
  • Misc. 18th Century Reproduction Goods
  • Seafood, Freeze Dried (Not Entrees)
  • Miscellaneous Services, No. 1
  • Date And Time Machines And Parts
  • Headbands, Installed
  • Eye, Ear, Nose, And Throat Preparations
  • Frozen Semen
  • Fidelity And Surety
  • Fish Locators And Shockers
  • Whirls
  • Goats
  • Mincemeat
  • Broomcorn
  • Nipple Pails

How much does a little “surety” go for these days? And does it come in a fancy box? Mystery + Christmas List.

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