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ms meghann, ms meghann!: the best baby ever

May 20, 2011
that's kinda gross, right?

i thought about using a picture of an actual baby in commencement gear here, but then i...didn't.

 b. = 10 y.o. girl; m. = 10 y.0. girl

the fifth-grade class has been having their first sex-ed lessons this week.

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ms meghann, ms meghann!: categorical classification

May 15, 2011

thursday, may 5

k. = 7 y.o. female

we have been classifying objects we found outside as living, nonliving, or man made.

k.: “i know about hair! hair is man made, because jesus made it!”

we might need to add another category.

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Top 1000 Baby Names of 2010, Categorized by Parent

May 5, 2011

Sorry, Harrison.

aka “Thinking Of A Word You’re Willing To Use 400 Times a Day For The Next Two Decades Is Hard.”

Children Whose Parents Watch Too Much TV:
Khloe (Girl – #42)
Bella (Girl – #48)
Miley (Girl – #217)
Paris (Girl – #327)

Children Whose Parents Were Overcome By Wishful Thinking:
Destiny (Girl – #71)
Serenity (Girl – #84)
Eden (Girl – #180)
Angel (Girl – #194)
Heaven (Girl – #324)
Prince (Boy – #522)
Sincere (Boy – #643)
Patience (Girl – #801)
Princess (Girl – #901)
Legend (Boy – #946)

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ms meghann, ms meghann!: so, like a good source of protein, then?

April 12, 2011

what are the odds this tastes like anything but doom?

tuesday, april 12

e. = 5 y.o. female; c. = 5 y.o. female; me = me

e., c. and i have been joking that i’m going to cut off their feet to add to my children’s-foot collection.
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mysterious pets

April 11, 2011

In the pet store the other day, I came upon something truly shocking.


dear small rodent: your fanciness disappoints and enrages me.

I am dubious. First, at 6″-8″, this is clearly a normal-size rat, and everyone knows that fancy pets are tiny.

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ms meghann, ms meghann!: awesomest. bath. ever.

April 9, 2011

m. = 7 y.o. female; n. = staff member

m.: i’m going to Sea World this summer!

n.: are you going to see anything special while you’re there?

m.: i’m going to see Shampoo!


the original Shamu has been dead for over 40 years.

if there's no hair, isn't it just "washing"?

mysterious sleep aids

March 30, 2011
am I still pretty? am I still pretty? am I still pretty?

unconciousness is no excuse for relaxing one's vigilant and unwavering femininty.

Look, people, if I can’t buy an overpriced pink version of something, I don’t want it.

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